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The BOURNE Continuity!

Author's Note: Yes this is a Trek story. The title will be explained in the fullness of time.

by Darrin Colbourne

Star Trek(TM) Created by Gene Roddenberry, who I assume will be striking down from his satellite in heaven to smite me annnny minute now...

0856 HOURS

She watched the screen on her computer with rapt attention. The woman she was viewing wasn't really saying anything she hadn't said many times before, but Lori didn't care. She always allowed herself to get lost in the speaker's beauty and charisma, as well as her words. The speaker had fair skin, dark hair, bright blue eyes and a high-pitched, trained voice, all of which she used to great effect as she spoke of her people's history and the way things ought to be. Lori had been sitting and watching the pre-recorded message for about a half an hour now, patiently but attentively, knowing what to expect but not sure when in the message it would come.

Finally, the speaker paused, sat back in her chair and smiled prettily. "Thank you for listening," she said, "and thank you so much for lending a hand to this noble cause." Another pause, then: "Climb Mount Niitaka."

Lori blinked as the screen reverted to the Federation emblem. So, at the end of the message. Not very secretive, but she supposed the time for secrets was over.

There was a small hand phaser sitting on the desk next to the computer. Lori stood and picked up the weapon, checked the setting, then fastened it to the waistband of her slacks, concealing it with her tunic.

With that done, Captain Lori Singer, commander of the Sovereign-class starship Regent, left her ready room and entered the Bridge. It was quiet, calm. Everyone was doing his or her job with cool efficiency. No one had questioned the need for their detour to this world two days prior. The detour had been ordered by Captain Singer, and her crew trusted her implicitly.

Commander T'Arzan, Regent's Vulcan First Officer, stood up from the center seat as Lori approached. "At our current speed, we will reach the Jiyjosigma System in fifteen-point-seven minutes," she reported. "Long-range scans of the sixth planet confirm the information in our database. Class M, average temperature between 40 and 60 degrees, oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, green and fertile. No sentient life, though there is a complex and diverse ecosystem. It is interesting that the world has never been colonized, even though there is no record of it being claimed by another power or being designated a nature preserve world."

"Hmm, odd," was all the Captain would say. She continued to stare at the main viewer, watching intently as the stars streaked by at Warp. T'Arzan regarded her for a moment, and was about to comment further when Lori called out: "Computer! Execute program 'Singer Alpha!' Authorization: Singer L., code Bravo One, One-three, three Echo!"

The computer responded with a short series of beeps. This time the incongruity made T'Arzan's eyebrow go up. "Captain," she began, "may I ask..."

A sudden, persistent, shrill beeping sounded from the Operations console. The ops officer called out, "Captain! Something's wrong with the life-support system! Anesthezine gas is being released on every level of the ship except this one!" Lori didn't respond, but the ops officer, a Trill, was too busy to notice. "I can't stop it," he said, pounding his control panel in frustration. "I'm locked out!"

T'Arzan turned fully to Lori and confronted her. "Captain! The entire crew will be rendered unconscious in seconds! We must act!" When Lori continued to stand there impassively, T'Arzan said in a low tone, "That was the program you just activated. Why?"

Lori gave her a sideways look, then shrugged and said, "Because I didn't have enough people with me to take care of the whole ship like this." And with that she quick-drew her phaser, pressed it into T'Arzan's gut and fired. T'Arzan's eyes went wide before she staggered back and fell to the deck. Lori swung the weapon and stunned the ops officer as well, as the three other humans on the bridge stunned the rest of the bridge crew.

When they were done, Lori went over to the Ops console and pushed the ops officer to the deck. She reconfigured
the controls so that she could operate the transporter system. Setting it for site-to-site transport, she began transporting all the stunned and anesthetized non-humans aboard into a nearly-empty cargo bay, starting with T'Arzan.


There were exactly one hundred and thirty-three humans in the Regent's crew, including Dr. Bella, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, who was now reviving the last anesthetized human. Of that number, twenty-five were now carrying phasers and standing with the four from the Bridge, which included Captain Singer. All of them were gathered in Crew's Mess B. Singer waited until the doctor was finished before calling everyone to attention.

"I'm sorry you all had to go through that," she said, "but it was the only way that all the non-humans in the crew could be incapacitated at once."

"And why would anyone want to incapacitate every non-human at once," the Deputy CMO said, "or at all?"

Lori regarded her, then smiled. "Because they can't take part in the glorious mission that I've decided the Regent and we, her Human crew, will take on." She then explained in detail, trying to describe the task the same way she had heard it described so many times before by the woman she'd listened to earlier. She wasn't as articulate, a fact confirmed for her by the reaction of several of the people in the mess.

"You're insane!" Dr. Bella hissed. "What you're planning is impossible! And even if you could pull it off, it goes against everything we've ever been taught as citizens of the Federation!"

"I never assumed everyone here would agree," Lori said. "In fact, right now any one of you can refuse to participate. We'll understand."

"In that case, I refuse!" Dr. Bella said. "And I demand that you relieve yourself of command and report to Sick Bay for an examination!"

"I see," Lori said, "and who would command the ship?"

"Commander T'Arzan, of course!"

"Ah...I'm afraid T'Arzan is...unavailable."

"What? Where is she? For that matter, where are all the non-humans?"

"You'll be seeing them momentarily. When you do, would you give T'Arzan a message for me?" She recited the message, then someone else stunned Dr. Bella.

With Dr. Bella on the deck, Lori looked out over the crowd again. "Anyone else care to refuse?"


Dr. Bella awoke with the sun in her eyes. As she squinted in the bright daylight, she heard several voices, then felt arms helping her to her feet. "Where am I?"

"The surface of Jiyjosigma VI," someone said. It was T'Arzan. "You were beamed down unconscious with two others."

"I refused to help Captain Singer," Dr. Bella murmured. "They must have, too." When she could stand on her own, she automatically tried to tap her comm badge. It was gone. "Does anyone else have a communicator?"

T'Arzan shook her head. "They were taken from all of us."

Bella looked around, huffed, then looked T'Arzan in the eye. "She gave me a message for you. She said you'd understand."

"What is the message?"

Bella cleared her throat. "'Now there's a colony on the sixth planet. Make of it what you can.'"

T'Arzan's eyebrow went up again. "Indeed," she said, then she looked up, prompting everyone around her to do the same.

The Starship Regent was long gone.
"Understand, Commander: That torpedo did not self-destruct. You heard it hit the hull, and I was never here."

-Admiral James Greer

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