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Re: Halloween III: Season of The Witch (1982).

Not really a good film... it definitely screams "B-movie", but I do appreciate the attempt to do something different rather than just having Michael Myers stalking and killing people once again.

It did have some suitably creepy moments, and Dan O'Herlihy made for a decent villain (his ultimate plan was certainly frightening and heinous). But as has been said, there are a few plot-holes and logic problems towards the end (for instance, if the girl was a robot since the time the doctor "rescued" her, why did she help him escape? Why didn't she try to stop him from destroying the factory?) And yes, the whole thing does seem rather far-fetched.

Still, while it could have been better-executed, it's not unwatchable. A valiant effort to restructure the Halloween franchise, and I kind of wish they had continued on with this format.
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