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Re: Halloween III: Season of The Witch (1982).

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Do you think the anthology idea would have worked? i think if they made "Halloween 2" the anthology idea instead of continuing Michael Myers with the big white face guy being left alone part 1 then would it work?
I think it might have done better if it was done for part 2 instead of part 3, but then again people loved the first one with Michael Myers so much that it's hard to tell. The ending of the first one looks like it was set up for a sequel even though that wasn't their original intentions. They didn't even know if it would make money at that time.

I personally would have liked to have seen an anthology series instead of what the series became. I do somewhat like part 4, the producer's cut of 6 and H20, The first three are my favorites though. I can watch those over and over.
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