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Halloween III: Season of The Witch (1982).

A very misunderstood Sci-fi horror thriller from producers John Carpenter and Debra Hill, people been bitching on why Michael Myers isn't in it. There's a good reason for this movie:

Michael Myers died at the end of "Halloween 2" in 1981 cause co-writer John Carpenter had enough of him and wanted his story including Loomis's story to be over as they were blown in the hospital to be burned and Michael sent to hell perminately. He came up with a concept for the franchise to become a big screen anthology of different halloween themed stories kind of like "Twilight Zone", "Tales from The Crypt", "Creepshow", and "Tales from The Darkside" about the title holiday itself and not Michael Myers. Unfortunately when the film came out on October 27th 1982 Carpenter didn't marketed this concept to the public thus audiences were confused and the film bombed at the box-office big time.

Carpenter and Debra Hill with Dino De Laurentiis Studios discontinued the anthology concept and it died a quick death, of course he sold the rights to Moustappha Akkad who produced all three movies and John Carpenter returned for part 4.

Personally i thought this was a well done and very chilling mix of HP Lovecraft and David Cronenberg with that Carpenter tone as it actually predated films like "The Stuff" and "They Live" on the whole consumerism taken over an evil thing kind of concept. This movie has gotten more respect over the new millenium and is a cult classic for it tried to experiment on something but went wrong.
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