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Re: Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

My problem is not so much with the absurd engineering projects, such as the infamous "pyramid" question, but rather the conspiracy nonsense that people like Tachyon Shield promote in here.

I don't care to see this forum become a place for pseudoscience and hackery. Soft sciences like philosophy are one thing. Claiming vaccines are part of a global conspiracy to make the world's population stupid and docile in anticipation of the 2012 apocalypse in which our Reptilian overlords will finally make themselves known and bend us all to their will... yeah, I'm no genius, but I'm pretty sure none of that hokum is the least bit scientific.

Scientific learning is the best defense against ignorance, and it really concerns me that we'll happily tolerate ignorance and outright bullshit in the name of fairness. Science isn't about what's fair or what makes everyone comfortable. Science is what you can prove with evidence, logic, and/or reason. It's not what you heard spouted by some acid-dropping lunatic on Coast to Coast AM.
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