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Improving your Sci-Tech Forum

People frequently come here with questions and ideas they want to talk about, but all too often these people are told that their ideas are absurd, which sets a trend of bias for whenever there are further questions from that person.

I don't really like this. I feel it makes sci-tech appear elitist. I want a forum which is welcoming and friendly to all people with questions and thoughts.

Furthermore, responding to questions with little more than "read a book" or "learn to use google" is not a constructive post. If questions are asked here, then the desire is for them to be answered here. Please respect that.

Questions don't always have to relate to practical engineering. Sometimes we ponder things just because we're curious. I feel it is perfectly fine to allow questions of an impractical nature. I don't like it when people mistreat these kind of questions with "if you expect this is going to be done one day you must be crazy" attitudes. When a question isn't trying to be practical, this wouldn't be an appropriate attitude to take. It only creates conflict.

On the other hand, some people would prefer sci-tech to be reserved for "serious" discussions, which if these people had their way would exclude a lot of these hypothetical "what ifs?" and exclude discussions about less practical ideas. This group doesn't like "what ifs?" people injecting impractical ideas and unsubstantiated opinions into their discussions. It unsettles them, and they PM me asking for "something to be done"

So there is often conflict between these two groups of posters. When "practical" vs "what ifs?" people collide, threads are often seen to deteriorate. But I don't see why we can't cater for both groups. You just try to not intrude one other's threads.

Also, I don't mind the occasional comedy thread here. We're not all work and no play in sci-tech But it shouldn't be the case that genuine questions get derailed into comedy threads when these two groups collide.

I'm also happy to allow philosophy in sci-tech because I feel it is often relevant to our discussions.

If anybody has anything they want to say, then post your opinions here...
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