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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Hi, I'm new to all these boards. But I'm not new to Star Trek itself, for I have loved Star Trek since I was a kid. I will tell you I joined here because of not just the new movie, but because I love Star Trek. I love TOS and TNG as they are both my favorite shows in which I grew up with. I love all the other movies including the new one which has became one of my favorites. I have seen the new movie 8 times, and looking forward to the release on dvd and blu ray in November. My favorite charcters are Kirk and Spock no mater if from the new movie or TOS, I just love Kirk and Spock! I went to my first Star Trek Convetion here over 2 wekks ago in Las Vegas, and had a blast! I actually got to meet both Spocks and the Kirk from TOS and even got to meet Data and Riker as well. My whole reason to go to the convetion is because I wanted to meet the actors who play Spock and Kirk, as they are my favorite charcters of all Star Trek. Anyways, I also collect stuff of Star Trek manily from the new movie and TOS. Anyways I just wanted to say hi.
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