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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract

Icheb and Maren are two senior officers aboard the most advanced starship the Federation Starfleet has ever fielded, and both are acting like 17-year olds in regards to their personal situation.

I do, however, understand Maren’s hesitancy. Which Icheb wants to talk with her? Her ex-boyfriend, or her superior officer? Granted, though he wants to discuss their former relationship, the fact that he’s of higher rank adds a compulsory undertone to any request for conversation with her. And Icheb could have handled his ‘request’ much better, rather than resorting to an angrily-hissed exchange in a corridor.

Ultimately, these are both proud, headstrong young people who have spent so much of their lives in school and focused on their respective careers that they seem to be lacking the emotional maturity they should have accrued by this age.

As for the region of subspace disruptions… oops. Borg again.

This. Can. Not. Be. Good.
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