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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

Thanks for the idea AdAstra, tried the install but to no avail

Maybe a hunt for a copy of Win XP (for a special 'old game partition' install would do it. Game, surprisingly, worked rather well on it. Well, as well as ST:NW was ever designed to run

If I might make a further, 'wagging finger' suggestion to ANYONE considering using a new PC for gaming...

PLEASE ensure that you interrogate the minions at your respective PC outlet for every useful scrap of data concerning the core components of the machine...

Kindly avoid GFX chips made by SiS, Matrox (if they're even going still..) or Intel : Nvidia and Ati/AMD are the dedicated game-card makers. Integrated chipsets in laptops are usually a given and most models made by Nvidia or Ati/AMD far outweigh the Intel/SiS chipsets.

Also, Pentium 4, Amd Sempron, Celeron and VIA processors are... well.


Intel Core, Core Duo, Core Quad, Core i7 or AMD Phenom x2, x3 or x4 processors will usually work best for you. (May have missed a few..? )

As for RAM, with any version of Win Vista, minimum needs to be 2 GB of, at least, DDR2 RAM for decent performance. DDR3 has a price premium :S, just FYI.

And use a decent Antivirus/ Firewall. Some people still don't... I mean, really, why?

:P Have rambled- sorry, just got to enjoying the dissemination of some vaguely useful knowledge!

BTW: Anyone attempting to play Star Trek Generations, just a suggestion: Backup the Savegames periodically, it seems to delete the files randomly... 0_o
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