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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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12 Gigs of ram...
To be fair, I built it to be a File Server, host multiple VMs, and run AutoCAD and Blender (all at the same time). I may have overbuilt for now, but I won't do much in the way of upgrades for a long while. All my older systems were much older technology (Pentium 4's at best, IDE drives, etc.), so if I was going to move to new technology, I needed to either buy two good systems (one for myself and one for my wife - who is also a computer person), or buy one REALLY GOOD system that we can use simultaneously from remote systems (what the Virtual Machines - I love VMware Server - are for) and the local system. Eventually, I'm going to implement a Dual Head Interface (It appears to require some kernel mods) so that two people can be logged into X at the same time from two different keyboard-mouse-monitor heads. I'm not quite there yet with the configuration. It may be a bit of a mainframe style configuration, but for most things our older Pentium 4 laptops are sufficient, and the new things we can run remotely on the new computer.
Amazing though what AutoCAD can do when it's given a world of power. I've become a believer in the 3D too. All my work projects will from now on be produced in 3D and 2D sideby side to judge potential conflicts.

This project of yours, Enterprise Deck by Deck has convinced me of the necessity.

I'm also looking for an upgrade on my computer at home. Perhaps I should have the bad boy built and apparently built like a server.
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