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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I was a bit quick to blame Millwall it's true. The trouble inside the stadium was, according to SSN this morning, entirely down to the West Ham 'fans'. The scenes outside though... well I thought those days were long gone. Certainly before my lifetime. I know it's a game you might anticipate trouble in, but on this scale, clearly planned by dozens or hundreds of people? Why now? Indeed, why at all?
Why now is, I'm guessing, because these two don't play each other too often anymore. I really had thought we'd seen an end to this but obviously not.

The easiest option is to punish the clubs, but can they really be held responsible for dozens of fans firing emails and each other and arranging to meet for a fight outside the ground? The pitch invasion yeah that definitely is down to the club, but being held responsible for events on the way to the match? I dunno...and as usual the club and the majority of decent supporters (I'm sure Millwall have them) are the ones who are punished. Most of the hooligans probably don't give a shit about the club anyway.

Given that Derby and Forest are playing at the weekend I really hope this isn't the herald of further trouble...
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