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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Sorry, this episode is so problematic that any "interesting" questions brought up during it just get buried in the sludge.
Well, sorry, but I disagree.
Shhhh! Don't disagree with the moderators! It makes them angry and they start recklessly flinging lightning bolts around the place. Innocent people (and largely guilty people like me) might get hit in the crossfire.

Human Error seems to have finally sparked some life into the place, so don't mind me, feel free to continue your discussion.

Q2 (*)

Okay, I've got to admit, that's pretty funny. I'll give that a point.

Watching this episode inspired me to make this video, so if you've got 7 minutes please check it out and revel in some of the best scene's TNG had to offer.

If you watched the video then you probably know what my point is going to be; Q is at his best when he is teaching humanity something rather than the other way around. Q was at his worst on TNG during season 1, back when it was the humans teaching him lessons, the only exception to this rule (the exception that proves it ) is Deja Q. But that's just another one of the problems with Q2, isn't it? That it is a rehash of Deja Q where the comic skills of John de Lancie and Brent Spiner are replaced with Keegan de Lancie and Manu Intiraymi, which is a bit of a step down.

(As for Q-Less, Q just seemed to sit around for most of that episode, there didn't seem to be a point for him being there at all. )

So, the plot is stolen, the comedy doesn't work, and it returns to an interpretation of the Q that I don't like.

Q JUNIOR: Settling the planetoid predicament didn't take very long so I used the rest of the time to convince the Cardassian to apologise for the occupation of Bajor. How's that for order in the universe?
Makes sense. When I was going out with my old English girlfriend I forced her to apologise for the occupation of Ireland, because random citizens are authorised to apologise for the actions of the state. President McAlesse was very impressed with my actions, she gave me a medal.

Q JUNIOR: I negotiated a peace treaty between six belligerent species in just thirteen minutes.
JANEWAY: When Commander Chakotay left the room you altered their personality subroutines to make them more agreeable. We may be common bipeds but we're not stupid. Your training is over, go back to your room and wait for your father to return.
I don't know why he was punished for that, I think that Q Junior should be given a commendation for original thinking. But then again, I guess I can't expect Janeway or Q Jr to know much about James T. Kirk.

Fifteen minutes earlier:
ICHEB: Though it was a blatant violation of the Prime Directive, Kirk saved the Pelosians from extinction, just as he had the Baezians and the Chenari many years earlier. Finally, in the year 2270, Kirk completed his historic five year mission and one of the greatest chapters in Starfleet history came to a close. A new chapter began when Kirk regained command of the Enterprise...
JANEWAY: How many more chapters are there?
ICHEB: Thirty four.
Q JUNIOR: I would have failed him. Kirk may have been a lowly human, but at least he had pizazz. That report made him sound about as exciting as a Vulcan funeral dirge.
Oh yeah, they listened to an extremely detailed report about Kirk's life earlier in the episode. You'd think they would have remembered the Kobayashi Maru thing, it does tend to stick out.

Q: Oh, before I leave, I did a little homework for you. Consider it a thank you for everything you did for Junior.
JANEWAY: Not that I don't appreciate it, but this will only take a few years off our journey. Why not send us all the way?
Q: What sort of an example would I be setting for my son if I did all the work for you?
Friendship, gratefulness, compassion... a good example, I would say. You could at least warn Janeway not to beam Lt Carey down to that planet, the guy has a wife and kids back home and his death is meaningless, so where's the harm? I know, I know, "bloody nose" and all that, but she did save your son from being turned into an amoeba.
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