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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Hey as the 4th official told Rafa. "It's a minimum of a minute of injury time, not an actual minute."
Next time Reina won't waste time by shouting at the ref for what was a clear corner. Liverpool has always been easy to expose from set pieces during Rafa's reign.

Not actually true at all, despite what Sky Sports like to tell their viewers.

In the last year or so we have looked more vulnerable, but that's more to do with replacing players like Hyypia, Sissoko, Hamann, Riise and Crouch with Skrtel, Mascherano, Lucas, Insua and Benayoun. We don't have a great deal of height in the side, which does make it easier to beat us with high balls into the box. The zonal marking system is not to blame.
I cudn't believe how many pundits said Liverpool were going to win the title or get really close again. Looking at the players you lost and what you brought in, the squad size or should I say overall quality is quite shocking compared to what you've had in recent years. Your first 11 is a solid one but everyone gets injuries and I just don't buy the likes of Insua, Lucas, Babel, N'Gog etc can help you win anything...

Glen Johnson price tag is a joke only beaten by Lescott's tag, the boy is good going forward but is far too easy to get pass when it comes to defending. Alonso leaving was the last nail in the coffin to any PL bid and now I think your the team that are suspectable to losing your top 4 place like in 2005 though I still expect you to finish 4th.
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