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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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12 Gigs of ram...
To be fair, I built it to be a File Server, host multiple VMs, and run AutoCAD and Blender (all at the same time). I may have overbuilt for now, but I won't do much in the way of upgrades for a long while. All my older systems were much older technology (Pentium 4's at best, IDE drives, etc.), so if I was going to move to new technology, I needed to either buy two good systems (one for myself and one for my wife - who is also a computer person), or buy one REALLY GOOD system that we can use simultaneously from remote systems (what the Virtual Machines - I love VMware Server - are for) and the local system. Eventually, I'm going to implement a Dual Head Interface (It appears to require some kernel mods) so that two people can be logged into X at the same time from two different keyboard-mouse-monitor heads. I'm not quite there yet with the configuration. It may be a bit of a mainframe style configuration, but for most things our older Pentium 4 laptops are sufficient, and the new things we can run remotely on the new computer.
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