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Re: True Blood-Freaky porno

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Two major questions...

1. Is Ensign Ro one of the people stripping down?
2. Does Anna Paquin have any "getting jiggy with it" scenes?
As mentioned above Michelle is the villain in S2 and causes al the bad and sexually behaviour in the show, she herself does not get naked but does act quite lude at times.

Anna does get naked except for any bush shots, you get everything but.

Phlox is like the most of the town folk are are under maryann's evil control and get pretty down and dirty.

All the common pay channels HBO/Cinemax Showtime/TMC are only alowwed to show 'Soft Porn' or single X porn, that mean no intercourse direct shots and no oral sex direct shots. When you see a girl on top of a guy screwing him his dick is usualaly not in her, they mak it seem that they are doing it but that are not. I often find it kinda funny how sometimes its so obvous there faking intercourse. Simulated blowjobs often have the girls hair or head blocking any shot of the accual action
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