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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Human Error (**)

I want to like this episode a lot more than I do, there's a lot of promise in the idea of having Seven pull a Barclay by living her life on the holodeck. The episode would probably have been better suited in season 5 or 6 when it could have signalled a genuine shift in Seven's character, the back-end of season 7 means it is already too late for this to significantly impact the future of her character, especially since the procedure to help her is put off until the finale. But at least it ties in nicely with Seven's experiences in Unimatrix Zero.

But the worst thing about this episode is C/7, they don't seem to have any chemistry with one another. The whole plot revolves around believing that Seven could get so emotionally attached to the Chakotay hologram that she breaks some Borg anti-emotion device, but I can't buy into that because of how horrible some of their scenes together are. The whole thing feels awkward, I'd almost prefer to watch Kim and Neelix to get it on because I think those two might display better chemistry towards one another.

Then there's the b-plot about alien warheads that send out big blue shockwaves, a story I found thoroughly uninteresting but which was apparently necessary for the plot.

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