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Re: True Blood-Freaky porno

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I'm watching True Blood season 2 on demand. So Ensign Ro comes to town and she likes to see people getting jiggy with it. Everybody is screwing everybody in freaky porno orgies. Phlox is going to town on some bar chick. There are tits and ass everywhere. Some of the shots seemed a bit blurred on the edges, either for style or, more likely, to avoid being censored. Did anyone else see that episode? I'm only on episode 6, so don't spoil me beyond that.
You have been watching some weak ass porn if you think true Blood is a porno.

Also HBO has no standards, they will show intercourse, Showtime is the one with limits. However I think HBO has standards when it comes to a TV series.
From what I've seen, HBO definitely has some limits and they are on about the same plane as Showtime with what they'll allow.
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