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William Thomas
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USS Searcher - Are you ready?

The Delta Quadrant, an awesome area of uncharted space, little of it known to all but a few from the Federation.

But now there is a way, the Union gate, opening the door for Starfleet to explore far beyond its own boarders.
And through that gate travels the USS Searcher. A powerful ship, built in the height of the dominion war, the Searcher now explores the Delta quadrant, to seek out new life and see wonders beyond imagining.

Carrying large numbers of fighter craft and an impressive arsenal, the Searcher is sent on the most dangerous of missions, into unfriendly territory where all the crew can rely on is there courage, their training, and most of all, one another, to draw them together and face anything this new territory.

The Searcher is an SMS simm that emphasises regular posting and immersive characters

Do you have what it takes to stand alongside the crew of the Searcher in the depths of the Delta Quadrant? If you are interested visit the website @

The Searcher-A is currently recruiting in its Prequel mission, ‘Old Warhorse’, and there are still many positions to be filled (Note, anything marked with an asterisk is a high priority position that needs to be filled).

The open positions are:
  • Chief Operations Officer*
  • Chief Engineering Officer*
  • Engineering Officer*
  • Chief Science Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer*
  • Chief Counselor
  • Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Chief Diplomatic Officer
  • Marine Commanding Officer*
  • Marine Executive Officer
  • Wing Executive Officer
  • 'The Silver Spears' Squadron Leader
  • 'The Heavy Hammers' Squadron Leader
  • + A large number of junior officer roles.
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