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Re: Why no half ranks?

Whoops, my mistake!

^It was also actually set shortly after Terra Prime
The episode dialogue makes multiple references to "These Are the Voyages" being 10 years after "Broken Bow". These include Archer meeting Shran 10 years prior (during S1 "Andorian Incident"), Archer taking command 10 years prior, and Shran faking his death 3 years prior (after S4 "The Aenar"), in order to protect a child he had five years prior with Jhamel whom he met in "The Aenar"...

Some of these could be explained away, or taken as innocuous mistakes in the writing of the holoprogram. Not all, though. So the only way one could have "These Are the Voyages" soon after "Terra Prime" is if the holoprogram is part of an extensive conspiracy - which is what the novels rather pitifully try to claim.

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