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Re: The Terminator Chronicles: Second Chance

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An interesting continuation. Great to see Ellison and Savannah again, and I'm curious as to how this Jesse compares to the original.

kes7 wrote: View Post
Yay! Savannah and Ellison! More, please.
I'd been looking for an interesting angle to bring them in on and I hope that I don't upset people with what I have planned. I've already fleshed out the backgrounds of Savannah and Ellison after the events of the finale and I think that people will find it interesting.

Jesse was a character I had looked for a way to bring into the series too. She was a character that interested me a lot - especially when you compare the before and after versions that we saw during Season Two. I hope everyone liked her introduction with Derek in this reality. I tried to keep it somewhat similar to their first meeting in the original continuity, but this was a more direct way.
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