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Re: Kor, Kang, and Koloth and the QuchHa prejudice

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I think the IDW series Klingons: Blood Will Tell needs to be included in any reading list on this subject. It only delved briefly into the conflict itself, but it did show another perspective, from a highly-placed (as in: on the High Council) QuchHa family, in the same time period.
Blood Will Tell offers a rather different take on the status of quchHa' than Forged in Fire and Vanguard do; the novels portray them as a minority excluded from power, their role in the fleet being basically that of cannon fodder, while BWT portrays them as having higher status, with seats on the High Council. However, I like to believe they can be reconciled if you assume that what we're reading is filtered through different viewpoint characters' biases. For instance, BWT is from the perspective of a quchHa' who may be exaggerating the prominence of his people in his reminiscences, while conversely the characters in the novels may have an overly pessimistic view of the status of the quchHa'. You have to squint a little to make them fit together, but I think it's doable.
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