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Re: Kor, Kang, and Koloth and the QuchHa prejudice

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IIRC correctly, it was in development for a long time, but almost always promoted as a "prequel to 'Blood Oath' (DS9)" novel long before we realised that Captain Sulu would be in it.
Nope, it was always going to be an Excelsior novel. It was actually the second book we were contracted to do, but kept getting put on hold while we got assigned other projects. In that time, the head ridges were explained, and we therefore had to incorporate that explanation into the story.

I don't recall all of the elements of our earlier plots, but I think we did deal with different Klingon castes and the head ridges from the start in the story development because obviously we had to deal with K, K, and K's physical transformations between one time and another.
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