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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

kes7 wrote: View Post
That's AWESOME. ^^^
Rulius wrote: View Post
I really like the Spock/Klingon poster... very nice
M'Sharak wrote: View Post
^^ Simple, yet elegant.
And Klingon, besides.
And Cyrillic, too! Googling "faux cyrillic" is a good way of finding a "normal text to cyrillic" converter. And as the Impact font has cyrillic characters as well as normal....

Tachyon wrote: View Post
Awesome! I made a few Andorian 'shops a while back - always fun to do!
"Closed this morning as Ravenscroft, the bakery's dog, sprained his mouth whistling round a corner."
- Tockleys Bakery
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