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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

Even more astonishing that ENT produced arguably it's best season, in that last year when production costs had been slashed. No longer filming on 35mm and switching to Digital instead, accounts for a further drop from $1.6 million to something lower. Unless it was the same amount but reduced to 22 shows. The show also looked much more vibrant too, at least on my SD TV at the time. Season 4 had hardly any location work, extensive use of the studio backlot for Storm Front, probably a disused sandpit for the Vulcan arc and that's about it really, everything else was Planet Hell plus FX. A Romulan War Season 5 with little more than ship-to-ship action, the main cast and a minimal core of supporting actors largely confined to claustrophic sets would've cost even less...
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