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Re: Favorite Watchmen character?

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apparently Bale's voice being as stupid as it was isn't just because of his own poor performance, but also because it was edited electronically.
Are you sure about that? Where did you hear this?
Not sure, I think I read it online somewhere. It makes sense if it's true that he almost lost his voice trying to do the Batman voice in the first one. I figured they'd manipulate it to make the process a little easier on him. And back on topic, I like Rorschach most too, even before the movie. Dr. Manhattan kinda pissed me off because he always acted like he was above everyone and everything (which is understandable, but still), and I thought Ozymandias was a lot cooler and more likable in the book.

In the movie, he acted like a cocky asshole from the moment you saw him, but in the book he was more affable...I enjoyed his cheerful (less pompous) self-promotion and all his merchandising with action figures and stuff. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, which made the ending more surprising in the book.
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