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So my questions...Should all new fans be lumped into the same category? What does "Trekkie" mean exactly? Like...when does someone gain the ability to truely call themselves a trekkie? Also, what do you think about the new movie fans and that the movie brought in -so many- new fans?
I'm a new fan, I only started watching Trek back in 1988 when a new show labelling itself as "The Next Generation" reached our shores. I loved it and I watched every episode of it, and every episode of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. I had some free time last year so I finally got around to watching TOS, which I liked.

If you were to add up the people on this board whose favourite Trek show was one of the four spin-off series then they would probably outnumber people whose favourite was the original, so the majority of people on this board are new Trek fans. And there's plenty of people on this board who don't respect TNG, or DS9, or Voyager, or Enterprise, or even the original show. This isn't a phenomenon created by the new movie, these nu-fans have joined an already fractured fanbase. Even the Deep Space Nine fanbase is fractured between those who were fans of the show from the beginning and those who are fans of the show after the season 4 relaunch.

So, if you can be bitter and moan about a particular part of the fanbase just because they're new, or because they have the audacity to not like your favourite show, that's when you can consider yourself a true Trekkie.
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