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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

With RIO out of the upcoming ENG games I was trying to think who could take his place but I can only think of 3 people who are already going to be in the ENG squad...Upson, Terry and Lescott but Lescott could lose his place with recent events.

Seriously who is there for cover especially if Lescott form continues to go down the drain ?

* Brown - Injured/Not Match Fit
* G.Neville - not a CB really
* Richards - better at RB
* Woodgate - Injured
* King - Can't really train and only play 1 of 2 matches
* A.Ferdinand - No experience for Senior ENG
* Turner - I don't rate him as some others
* Campbell - Can he really still play at this level ?
* Davies - No experience and Villa started poorly

in 2006 we had the likes of Terry, Ferdinand, Upson, King, Woodgate, Carragher, Campbell (all fit and good age)
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