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Re: New Trek fans?

I remember in 1989 I was standing in line to buy tickets to see The Cure (bear with me, I'm a musician ). I was standing next to some rather die-hard goths, in full regalia even though it was only about 9am. This couple was telling me about all their Cure concert experiences through high school and beyond over the years.

Then they asked me the question I feared they would ask: how long had I been into The Cure (was not decked out in anything at all, just a t-shirt and jeans). I admitted I'd only really liked them a very short while, only owned the current album (Disintegration), and this would be my first Cure show. I braced myself...

They smiled and were incredibly cool about it. They were glad I'd liked the record, and glad to see I'd found The Cure, in my own way. They encouraged me to listen to specific other albums, depending on my tastes, but never pushed. I was very thankful, but more to the point, that is how I always think of new fans myself:

however someone gets into something I hold dear, and in whatever way they choose enjoy it, is wonderful. More power to them. Full stop.
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