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Re: TOS' U.S.S. Valiant and Farragut....

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I've got too many projects on the go at the same time in addition to my non-project pursuits like reading and movies (and even those can be project related).
Well, all your projects are awesome - I'd really like to see your original ideas. But of course, it's the TOS material that really interests me, ESPECIALLY the "never seen TOS scenes" project!

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I've created my own Star Trek chronology with TOS, TAS and TMP as the primary sources with some written materiel as secondary sources. Anything post TMP (which doesn't add up to much) is considered only wherein it could be consistent with that previously established or could be fit in without contradicting what had already been established.
That sounds pretty darn cool! I was able to find your most updated copy of your chronology in an older thread, and I enjoyed it a lot. Personally, I kind of half-heartedly consider "Forbidden Planet" as part of TOS chronology, as sort of a pre-Cage era story. Don't laugh! If you think about it, it really does work quite well as a "prequel" of sorts, especially compared to drivel like "Enterprise." The uniforms, the crew themselves, everything...and the hat that Pike had on top of his TV was kind of like the ones from "Forbidden Planet."
All your Trek are belong to non-canon - except for TOS!

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