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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Unfortunately for some bizarre reason they decided to make this lackluster episode a major plot point in the recent Voyager books
Yet another reason why I'm glad I don't read the novels.

The Void (**)

Ireland, Summer 2001, a 15 year-old schoolboy named Godfrey Steven Benn is alone in his parent's front room watching the latest episode of Star Trek Voyager on Sky One. The following is a reasonably accurate transcript of what occurred:

JANEWAY: It was almost like being part of a Federation again.
GODFREY: Well, the real one is only thirty thousand light-years away.
CHAKOTAY: The real one's only thirty thousand light years away.
GODFREY: Then what are we waiting for?!
JANEWAY: Then what are we standing around for?
Yes, I predicted the dialogue at the end of the episode all those years ago. It's not such a big deal on the surface, but I rarely feel so familiar with a show that I'm capable of doing such a thing, and that triggered something in me. When I think about it, The Void should be my perfect Voyager episode; piracy, questioning one's morality and the formation of an alliance. This is exactly what I wanted from the Kazon arc but it is condensed down into one episode, so why don't I love it? I can best explain it through a strained analogy:

You're married to a woman for many years and the relationship has grown stale. It's not any one individual's fault, you've just become very familiar with one another and rarely have much interesting to say. You arrive home from work one day and walk into your bedroom to find her on the bed in sexy lingerie as part of an attempt by her to spice things up, so you do what's expected of you and join her on the bed. But there's no sense of passion, there's no bonding, there's no emotion involved, it's a purely physical act to you. When you're done you look into her eyes and realise that you don't love her. You can't remember if you ever truly loved her, but you can be sure in that moment that you don't and probably never will. You still care for her, you still want to spend some time with her, but you don't love her, and it hurts you to realise it almost as much as it would hurt her to tell her.

You only started dating her because of her hot sister anyway.

The Void isn't a bad episode, but it marks the point where I gave up on Voyager during its original run. Yes, I did hang in there for a long time. I still watched the show right up until Endgame (probably a mistake), but I stopped caring and I stopped expecting the show to turn into what I wanted it to be. That's what The Void represents for me, the episode where I officially stopped being a Voyager fan.

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