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New Ground

Plot Summary: En route to a planet whose leading scientists have developed a new form or propulsion called a Soliton Wave, the Enterprise receives a visit from Worf's mother and son. Mrs. Rozhenko explains that Alexander has been having trouble at school and she thinks he needs to be with his father, since Worf's parents are no longer young enough to keep up with a Klingon child. Worf agrees to keep Alexander on the Enterprise for the time being, but when the boy steals a small model of a lizard and lies about it, he becomes furious, lecturing Alexander about honor and threatening to send him to a strict Klingon school. Troi suggests that Alexander probably felt abandoned by Worf when he was sent to live on Earth and is feeling even more deserted now that Worf wants to send him away again. Meanwhile, the Enterprise participates in the Soliton Wave test, but though initial results are promising, the wave proves to be much more powerful and dangerous than anticipated, putting a Federation colony at risk. While the crew takes the ship into the wave to try to disperse it, Alexander hides in a biolab where a pair of rare Corvan Gilvos are being kept during transport to an animal preserve. A fire breaks out in the lab, threatening the boy, who insists that Riker save the Gilvos when Worf comes to rescue his son. Realizing that he would regret sending Alexander away, Worf invites him to live on the Enterprise.

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