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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

If it were on CBS the show was fail within 13 episodes. It would need an adience of at least 12-15 million and that won't even happen.

I voted Showtime because I heard they regret getting rid of Stargate so it could be their replacement.

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CW is roughly the size of UPN(the network VOY and ENT were on). The problem with SyFy, Spike, and Showtime is that they are all on cable and are available to much fewer viewers. Also because they got a smaller audience SyFy and Spike have less money to spend on each episode. That's why Enterprise was able to go to alien looking worlds while SG1 always visits the pacific north west(the same type of forest in every episode).
But Stargate was on Showtime for 5 years and there were a lot of tree episodes.
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