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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

It has a lot of potential to be a great episode, but so did what we got. It really depends on how the story was executed, but I probably would have preferred to see the original version.

Prophesy (*)

And then the Klingons show up. Makes sense, Voyager has to be in the Beta Quadrant by now, and that is where the Klingons live. Admittedly they live on the other side of the Beta Quadrant and Voyager is more likely to bump into a group of Romulans but... hey, there's an idea! Voyager comes across a Romulan ship, they get into a fight, the Romulan ship is destroyed, Janeway rescues some of them and they're forced to integrate with one another. It would be similar to this episode, but it would be infinitely better because it would have Romulans.

This episode has some good ideas but it doesn't explore them well. I like the idea of Voyager's crew having to accommodate the fact that the majority of the people aboard are now Klingons, that is a very serious situation and it deserves to be explored to its fullest. Instead we get Neelix bumping his furry ugly with a Klingon woman's ridged ugly. (I apologise for that image.) And I like the idea of exploring the prophesy and B'Elanna's place within it, but instead that is used as an excuse to have a bat'leth fight, something which was already overused on DS9.

Then the episode pulls a Day of the Dove on us by having a bunch of Klingons attempt to commandeer the ship. Why? How did that move the plot along? If the episode had been about the Voyager crew having trouble integrating the Klingons then it would have been fine, but this episode is about a prophesy and some disease the Klingons have picked up, the firefight on the bridge had no purpose.

Then the Klingons go to some planet because B'Elanna's unborn kid told them to (or something). The end.
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