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Premium cable channels

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Showtime (premium cable) is the only option where the show would have a half-decent budget
I agree with everything in your post. AviTrek mentions Star Wars. Yes Lucas' live action TV series I read on the Internet _MAY_BE_ on premium cable HBO. Is Star Wars too mainstream for a 13 episode live action series on cable? Is Trek really too main stream as someone mentioned up a few posts?
Will we see HBO have Star Wars and Showtime or the new EPIX HD channel have Star Trek? That would be interesting!
Highly doubtful either show will be syndicated for the first run but live on one nationwide channel in the USA.
Another thing to consider networks like CBS offer their shows on the website for streaming the same week or iTunes store for download $/per episode of a 1 hour show.
Highly doubtful Trek would do that if on Showtime or Epix. 6 months after the season you can buy the Bluray or DVD instead. That should help ratings on premium cable if it were to be there...
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