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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

I'm not American but is there a channel in that option that has low rating compared to the big ones? I'll give you an example.

Our main channels here are BBC1/2,ITV,Channel 4 and Channel 5. We have other smaller channels that you can only get digitally or cable. But their ratings is very low.

A good show for BBC1 will get 5-9+ million viewers. The other main channels can expect lower but generally above a 1 million viewers. Sky One (the Premier Digital channel) gets around 800,000 viewers for a good show.

If we want Trek to come back and be successful for 7 years we should expect to set our sights lower. I'm just looking over at the ratings for Enterprise. In the last season the average rating was 3. That is something Stargate never got and that show lasted to long for it's own good.

Why not put the next Trek show in a channel/network what ever you call it in America and make in in such a way that a rating of 1.5 is ok.
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