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Re: TrekBBS Contest: Name the Twitter Bird!

Scout101 wrote: View Post
There's no reason they couldn't reduce the size of the sidebar, is there? Better off to have a readable BBS, and then Twitter links that take 2 lines to get through. It's just a friggin' link, after all.

And if the top banner ad isn't going to stretch to fit the new size, seems like there's room for BOTH banner ads up top. and can lose the one on the right.

Then again, tough to discuss this when the QSF threads are locked down at the first sign of anything other than praise. Be nice to actually discuss these things rationally...
Yeah, it's not really a positive experience in QSF right now.

Australis wrote: View Post
It's not the Twitter pic. Not. At .All.

Future plans include having a 300 pixel wide column on that side. Much too wide for my little screen.

Rocketman, Under Extensions --> Greasemonkey --> Options, there's a window titled Mange User Scripts. In the Included Pages frame, it won't let me add the tbbs website, or edit the script in the left frame. What am I doing wrong? (FF 3.5.2, Win XP).
Yep, mobile devices can kiss the site goodbye for now, that includes mini laptops since their resolutions are only 1024x600, with the sidebar taking up just under 1/3 of the screen. That should make reading text, looking at images and the other banner ads on the page just real dandy.

It's like GM.

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