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Re: TrekBBS Contest: Name the Twitter Bird!

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Jeez-this thing cuts my screen in half at home! Kill the bird, kill the bird, somebody, kill the bird!(Sung to the tune of Oh, Clementine!)
Well, it's not actually the bird causing it. It's the new "features" block that has been expanded. I like to call it "Screen Killer".

There's no reason they couldn't reduce the size of the sidebar, is there? Better off to have a readable BBS, and then Twitter links that take 2 lines to get through. It's just a friggin' link, after all.

And if the top banner ad isn't going to stretch to fit the new size, seems like there's room for BOTH banner ads up top. and can lose the one on the right.

Then again, tough to discuss this when the QSF threads are locked down at the first sign of anything other than praise. Be nice to actually discuss these things rationally...
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