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Re: TrekBBS Contest: Name the Twitter Bird!

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I know how you feel. I have an Acer Aspire One, resolution 1024x600. This setup just eats up all my screen space. I'd have better luck using a Ouija board and a bag of tea grounds.
I don't think it's even just an issue for non-premium members since all of the sidebars have gotten wider. It doesn't even look right on my 1680x1050 display at home.

It also increases the need for a mobile friendly version of the site as it doesn't display very well at all on my phone anymore.

I can understand that the state of the advertising market is such that these things might be necessary but I'd buy a premium membership just for the option to turn the sidebars off entirely.

Oh, and as for the bird, this place is run by a Romulan - wrong type of bird entirely.
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