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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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Good news everyone! Just spent a small fortune on a new workstation, and will shortly be upgrading my AutoCAD from R13 to something more modern (probably AutoCAD 2000). With my new 64-bit system and a more modern version of AutoCAD, I should be able to get things done faster; and be able to better model some aspects of this ship. (Yes, I know I'll still be running a 32-bit app, but with 12GB of system memory, I should be able to let the app use up to 4GB without any problem).

Probably be another week or two before I get things ready to roll on the new system, and get the model transferred between AutoCAD versions.
Um you might want to check on version compatibility between AutoCAD and 64 Bit processors. IIRC 2008 was the first version that worked on / was designed for 64 bit processors. If thats out of your league, try to shoot for 2004 at least. The changes between 00 and 04 were tremendous.
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