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Re: New Trek fans?

The term "Trekkie" in pop culture seems to carry the stigma of those guys that wear the Starfleet uniforms when they're just sitting at home and know how to speak every word in fluent Klingon. But I always used it to denote Trek fans. It's not like a badge of honor you have to earn. I think if you really fell in love with the world and stories like most people here, then that's more than enough. And no, you definitely can't group all new fans into one category. Just like how not all old fans should be put into one category. Too much diversity for it. There are cool people, idiots, weirdos, etc. across all ages, races, and what have you in Trek fandom.

As for Star Trek XI, I honestly haven't really spoken with any fans who were new to Trek when XI came out. But I do think it's a good movie and it's good to have an influx of people to help keep the franchise alive.
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