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New Trek fans?

Alright so...I've got a few questions about new Trek fans. I don't really have a huge problem with people that are new to Trek but treat it with respect, but the new fans who do the slash pairings, and support the SpockXUhura, etc. annoy me. Well, mainly the people who watched Trek after watching the movie just because it is now an "it thing" to watch Trek. I am a new fan, however I did not start watching the series because of the movie. A friend sat me down to watch a few episodes of TOS right around the time that the movie came out.
So my questions...Should all new fans be lumped into the same category? What does "Trekkie" mean exactly? Like...when does someone gain the ability to truely call themselves a trekkie? Also, what do you think about the new movie fans and that the movie brought in -so many- new fans?
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