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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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In summary, I agree with GodBen. On generally everything.
Even that rant I made about how black people are the scum of society a few pages back?


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CHOOSE A DAMN HAIRSTYLE THAT HIDES IT! But no, BLT wears her hair in a way that not only doesn't hide the ridges, it actually seems intended to show them off. It's stupid.
To be fair, she does have a very big forehead and coming up with a hairstyle that would hide her ridges... I have a hard time thinking of one that wouldn't look silly. Which is probably why I failed in my attempt to become a hair-stylist.

Repentance (**)

Being one of those enlightened European types (), I am opposed to the death penalty. I guess that one of the problems that I have with this episode is that it took an hour to come to the conclusion that I already had, and it wasn't fair with its portrayal of the other side of the argument. The alien legal system is portrayed as being intransigent, the prison guards are shown to be brutal, and many on the crew judge the whole thing as being barbaric. The episode would have been far better if the other side of the argument had been given some subtlety.

There is some interesting concepts here, such as a man suffering because his conscience was turned on after the crime, and the idea of a legal system where the victims determine the punishment. It is a pity then that these concepts aren't utilised to their full potential, the majority of this episode seems to be scenes going over and over previous scenes. There's three scenes between Seven and Iko in sickbay which can be summed up like this:

IKO: I'm a horrible person, I deserve to die.
SEVEN: You were not responsible for your actions, you don't deserve to die.
A lot of the episode feels that way; the same scenes repeated in order to get the point across to the audience. For example, in one scene Seven explains her motivation to Iko, that she relates to him because of the horrible things she remembers doing as a Borg. Then she has almost the exact same conversation with Janeway. Then the episode ends with another scene explaining this again. I almost feel like knocking a point off for being a rehash of Cause and Effect.

One other thing that I noticed; all the violent criminals appear to be men. Is this some sort of revenge sexism for all the miniskirts and catsuits that women have had the wear?
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