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Re: Star Trek: Governance

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Hope that helps!
Does it help? You just solved my reading needs for an entire year!
Just one question. Are there spoilers for the DS9 relaunch in these other novels?
In the ATT/TNG/TTN/Destiny set of novels I gave you, I can think of exactly three spoilers for the DS9 Relaunch. I'll give them to you right now behind the cut.

The Trek novelists do a good job of simultaneously linking everything, yet keeping things separate.

I'm rewatching DS9 and I planned to read the DS9 books only after I finish the rewatch. So you reckon it's safe to start with your recommended non-DS9 novels before that?
I would reckon, yes.

Anyway, thanks a million!
No problem! Happy to help!

and unrealistic because of lack of sufficent reward for personal achievement.
Yeah, sure, if you believe MONEY, MONEY and EVEN MORE MONEY! is the only sufficient reward... Tells you more about the person who thinks that than about Trek.
My attitude has always been and remains that for the Federation economy to function, it would have to be a combination of capitalist and socialist concepts. Of course, in all fairness, that's based on my belief that neither Capitalism nor Socialism is particularly functional or moral in their purest forms.
Democratic socialism is the hope of human freedom.
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