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I quit my gym membership at 24HF two years ago and decided to get an elliptical mchine, which I use most days of the week. Besides, when I had gym membership, I did mostly cardio stuff anyway. I got tired of other people monopolizing the weight equipment and the dingy locker room and showers. Ialso have dumbells and a fitness "ball"at home, but I would definitely like to try a variety of exercises; that's the only thing I'm missing from my gym days.

I've also been eating more veggies lately (salad for lunch).
Cardio is great for fat burning, but don't forget that its the lean body mass gained from weight bearing exercises that'll be the most beneficial long term. Every pound of lean muscle will increase your metabolism. The calories you burn of with cardio can be quickly re-added, but the lean mass will keep burning long after you get off the elliptical.

I'll try to add more resistance training to my daily workout.
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