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My hunch is that Showtime or HBO would rather develop their own space opera franchise than tap into one that, regardless of quality, is perceived as staunchly mainstream

That's how they justify their price tag.

Paramount Home Video charges the most for a season of television I believe. Showtime & HBO put out their stuff on DVD & Blu-ray too.
A quick comparison with current prices:
Sopranos-Complete Series
This 33 disc DVD collection includes all 86 episodes of The Sopranos!

or by the season:
Sopranos 4th season

Star Trek: Enterprise - The Complete Series
27 DVDs.

or Star Trek Enterprise (Complete Third Season)

It all depends on what kind of audience Showtime wants to bring to itself and new subscribers.
Look what Sirius satellite radio did with Howard Stern a few years ago. It is possible Star Trek could be on a premium cable channel and the fans who don't want to pay the monthly fee can just by the DVD/Blu-ray 6-10 months later. Is Star Trek that mainstream that is beyond being able to have its flagship TV series 1st run on a cable TV channel and it has to be broadcast TV? Can't it be elevated to nuBSG quality for the fans instead of 22 episodes of which 16 would be good. How about just 13 episodes?
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