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Re: Eugene Roddenbery reaction to ST:XI

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It's nice that he liked it and all but Rod Roddenberry really doesn't have any more insight into Star Trek than the rest of us do so it's really just another opinion.
But then, neither do all those people who are just fans of Trek but it doesn't stop them from declaring with great authority: "This is not Gene's Trek!" "Roddenberry is rolling in his grave" etc.
Don't piss in my pants, little man. I'm not one of those people. I loved the movie. I don't even really have a gripe about Rod's opinion. My big thing is he's said again and again that he really didn't know jack about Trek until long after his dad died and now he's acting like he's the Pope of Trekdom and his blessing means something. I'm just saying his opinion is no more important than anyone else who wasn't involved with producing Trek. Shit, I've produced more Trek than he has and my contribution doesn't count for a damn thing in the big picture. The movie has my blessing if anyone cares and I hope they don't. I'd prefer everybody like the movie.
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