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Re: Star Trek: Governance

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The Federation President, by contrast, has been consistently depicted as being both the head of government and the head of state. If the head of government is determined by or from amongst the legislature, then the head of government is a Prime Minister or President of the Government, not the President of the state. Ergo, the Federation President cannot be selected by the Council.
Heh, just to be picky, the President of South Africa is both a head of state and a head of government and is elected by the lower house of the SA Parliament.
Touche! I had forgotten about that example. But, yeah, that is relatively rare.

In fact, the canon has seemed to imply that the President shares a lot of power with the Council. It was the Council, for instance, that issued the Enterprise her orders in "The Defector," and it was the Council that determined Federation policy towards the Klingon invasion of Cardassia in "The Way of the Warrior."
Yeah, from time to time the Council does seem to micromanage a lot. Sometimes it seems it's not just a legislature but does some executive jobs as well. How exactly are it's member elected? Are they like US Senators or are they representatives of the member planets' governments?
The canon has never explained how Federation Councillors are chosen. We've never even met one (unless Sarek was one, anyway).

In the novels, Federation Councillors are chosen according to whatever mechanism the Member State decides for itself, and each Member State gets one Councillor. The Federation Councillor from Betazed, for instance, is popularly elected (Articles of the Federation), while the Federation Councillor from Bajor is nominated by the First Minister and confirmed by the Chamber of Ministers (Bajor: Fragments and Omens by J. Noah Kim), and the Federation Councillor from Andor is determined by whichever political party holds a majority of seats in the Parliament Andoria in the same manner as a Cabinet post in a parliamentary system (Andor: Paradigm by Heather Jarman).

Articles establishes that the Federation President must, amongst his/her duties, preside over full sessions of the Council, and always works closely with the relevant Councillors from a given issue's Council committee. The President is also responsible for nominating Councillors for a given committee, with the full Council then confirming it...
I really should read that novel.
Es muy bien.
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