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Re: To Boldly Go Where Many of Us Have Already Gone Repeatedly

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Or was it the "Wilsonian" which you saw as a putdown?
Yes, Kirk usually is not like that, and I'm tired of idiots using current American foreign policy to grade Star Trek with. That might work with BSG, but not with Star Trek.
In that case, the poke is not at Kirk at all, but rather at the sort of people:
Torontoist, like nearly every other web publication staffed by the appropriately web-savvy, boasts its fair share of geeks. And when we say geeks, we mean geeks—the kind whose browsers dedicate at least one tab to Memory Alpha, while jumping between MSN conversations debating...
...the sort of geeks who would conduct such debates on MSN. Besides, American foreign policy of the time (whether the overtones were Wilsonian or otherwise) did inform a number of stories told in the Original Series.

However, this is getting away from the main topic of the thread. Did you see the showing at the Ontario Science Center? How was it?
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