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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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And how do you know that? Time traveled much my dear?
As a matter of fact, I am one of many people that suffers from a rare genetic problem called chrono-displacement disorder. It causes me to travel through time at random, but it also makes me sweet, sensitive and ruggedly handsome.

Lineage (****)

I said back when Tom and B'Elanna got married that I had a hard time buying into their relationship because we normally saw them arguing, but this time around I can buy into it. Maybe it is because they're happy and planning their future in the early part of the episode and the fighting comes later, but whatever it is, I'm willing to accept that his is a couple who are shocked/overjoyed to learn that their first child is on the way. Add to this the fact that this is something which will have consequences, and that Voyager feels like a community once again, and you have the basis for a successful episode.

I can very easily buy into the idea that B'Elanna fears her kid would end up like her because... well, I've known women like that. And if they had the ability to genetically modify their unborn kids to make them less like themselves then they might just do that. In a way it is sort of sweet because B'Elanna is looking out for the welfare of her child, but in another way it is very disturbing. As for the eventual realisation that she is also doing it because she fears Tom would leave her if their child ends up too Klingon, I think that the flashbacks gave that away too early, but that makes sense too.

Speaking of the flashbacks, one of my problems with the episode is the notion that B'Elanna's father would talk about leaving because of B'Elanna while sitting next to her tent is just a little too convenient. Emotionally it works but logically you'd think the guy had more sense than that. But my biggest problem with the episode was that B'Elanna goes uber-crazy at the end and reprograms Shmully to perform the procedure. Maybe it makes sense if the pregnancy is making her extra hormonal and whatnot, but I felt that it added a layer of tension which wasn't needed in an otherwise fantastic character episode.
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