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[GAME] The Great Trek Screencap Game: The Reboot

Hello all, Welcome to the latest round of the Great Trek Screencap Game.

The rules are simple, A pic is posted from A Trek episode or movie, you post your guess. The Pic poster will let us know who gets it right. The winner posts the next pic and on we go!

Before we get to the next pic, here are the results from the last thread:

The contestants are ordered chronologically from their first victory:

LeadHead: 36
KaiClark: 9
Praetor: 2
Tuln: 5
ClayinCA: 1
Randor: 5
NCC-1701: 1
Jaespol: 1
Orac: 5
Brian: 7
Bad Atom: 9
Gaghyogi49: 1
Admiral Jarok: 2
Saito S: 1
KirkPicard: 1
BrotherBenny: 1
Eyes330: 3
Mike Ram: 2
M’Sharak: 1

And here are out Top 5…

LeadHead (Also known as Public Enemy #1 and The Guy Everybody Hates)

There was a tie for Second place between these two worthy challengers…

KaiClark (Who took the Orb Of Prophecy From Bajor and cleverly hid it in Oregon)


Bad Atom (Has also made several Law Enforcement Most Wanted Lists)

Next up, sharing this honor alone is…

Brian (Whether it’s a screencap to solve or a line-by-line, he’s on the case)

And finally, a 3 way tie for 5th, 4th? Whatever.

Tuln (Winner of the “Never gives me anything to riff off of for an Award” Award)


Randor (Winner of the “Since when are there Starfields in Star Trek?” Award)


Orac (Winner of the Award for turning from a Denevan Neural Parasite into Eddie Murphy in record time)

Congratulations to all our players!

The first picture post of this thread goes to Bad Atom who won the last round of the last thread.

(Did that sound complicated enough?)
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